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Authentic New York Checker Cab Bridal Cars

Checker-Cab-Weddings-Bride-600With all the authentic markings, our Checker Cab wedding cars will take you back to period where New York style reigned supreme!

The famous New York Checker Cab was produced by the Checker Motors Corporation of Kalamazoo, Michigan. The first cars were produced in 1924, with the last (and most recognisable model) Marathon leaving the production line in 1982.

The ‘Checker’, particularly the 1956-82 A11/Marathon, remains the most famous taxi cab vehicle in the United States. It’s notoriety equals the London Taxi, which went unchanged throughout its use – and it is considered a true icon of American motoring history.

Get hitched in a genuine 1960’s New York Checker Cab!

For a wedding that oozes style, arrive in a famous New York Checker Cab!

Our totally original New York Checker Cabs are fully restored with all the features these iconic cars are famous for – the limo-sized rear seat, checker stripes, air conditioning, roof light and flag fall meter. Against Melbourne’s sophisticated urban backdrop, it makes for an unforgettable photo session – and it’s completely unique amongst Australian bridal cars.

All hiring’s include white ribbons, red carpet entry, a refreshment pack and great old-fashioned service.

Five Checker Cab sedans and one 10 seater limousine now available!